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Claire and Damian on the set of “The Star”

"It’s of course winter here, so the days are shorter and that is a challenge cuz we just have 3 fewer hours." - Claire Danes

"It’s not like winter where I come from. It’s a beautiful, sunny days and the sea is blue… and it’s like a postcard." - Rupert Friend

Claire Danes & Rupert Friend having fun on the set of Homeland (June 25, 2012)

I was pregnant for the second season. And as the season progressed and as my baby progressed, it got… they got more action packed.

There was a lot of running towards the end.

Yeah. I mean at one point we were filming in an old sewage factory. I was kidnapped, I was chained to a pipe. It was 4am. I was 7 and a half months pregnant and I was like…


1-4 | 100 - Damian Lewis

Claire, how difficult for you was the death of Damian Lewis’ character, Brody, at the end of Homeland's last season?

SARAH PAULSON: Oh, I can’t even talk about that. Not that you’re asking me!

KERI RUSSELL: You ask me, that was the hardest to deal with!

CLAIRE DANES: [Killing him] was supposed to happen in the second season. Then the Carrie-Brody relationship became so captivating for audiences that Showtime wanted to extend it. We had been anticipating the finale for quite a while. We shot the scene [where Brody is hanged] on our final day working in Morocco. It was all very heightened, literally. The crane broke at one point. I still don’t think I’ve really processed it. I go back to work in a month, and I think it’ll occur to me then that he’s really gone. It’ll be a very different environment when we return and Damian, whom I love, isn’t there.

- THR Roundtable